• Clockwork


    Clockwork has performed at hundreds of events in Boston, New England and beyond since 1990, creating memorable wedding receptions all over New England. Each event is special, and your wedding reception will be given the care and attention it deserves to make it a once-in-a-lifetime event!


  • Moonglow


    Whether you want hot funk, cool jazz, heartfelt country, good-time rock and roll or romantic Ballads, Moonglow can play it! They have an extensive songlist that covers every style of popular music. If there's something you don't see on the songlist, ask them, they'll learn it! If you're holding your event at a larger venue, they can add two additional horns to really rock the house!


  • Shine


    Possibly the most versatile five piece band in Boston, Shine presents a riveting array of talents, including sparkling soloists, irresistible dance grooves, powerful yet emotional vocals, and a deep repertoire of virtually all kinds of music. Your face will SHINE from the good vibes they project. Do yourself a favor; hire SHINE for your next event!


  • Groove Authority

    Groove Authority

    Groove Authority plays everything... R&B, Motown, Funk, Soul, Disco, as well as Top 40, Classic Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Swing, Jazz and Reggae. If you are looking for a band that's fun, entertaining and versatile in a small, affordable package, you have found us!


  • Brandy


    One of New England's most popular five piece band for 25 years! Bandleader Steve Camarda plays trumpet, sax, and keyboards, and sings and is the Master of ceremonies as well. Backed up by long-time bandmate Rudi Ridosh on guitar and lead vocals, Cheralyn Cannon on lead vocals, Steve Bankuti on drums, and Christian Bausch on bass, Steve leads his band into all genres of music.


  • Mirage


    Lively, Energetic, Entertaining and Stylish are only a few words that describe The MIRAGE Band. We offer a wide variety of musical styles and perform them with energy and passion that will get you on your feet in no time. With vocals that are pure and dynamic, a horn section that is fun and exciting and a rhythm section that is second to none MIRAGE is sure to be a real winner at your next event.

  • The Mark Greel Band

    The Mark Greel Band

    Among those lucky listeners who have been fortunate enough to hear Mark play in one of his many incarnations, one truth is agreed upon; this is one talented dude! We can't think of any single performer in Boston who can cover as many styles, genres, or instruments as Mark. Equally adept on trumpet, sax, keys, guitar, or vocals, Mark sweeps across the musical landscape, splattering beautiful music as he goes.