Five reasons to book your holiday entertainment now

Published November 4th, 2016 by Devteam

Yeah, I suppose it's difficult to think about the holidays when it's 60* in New England, there are still some leaves on the trees, and we just got out of Halloween. But here are some reasons why you should think ahead.

1) The best talent goes first. This goes without saying. Some band and DJs rebook the previous year's parties immediately after the New Year begins.

2) Less people are booking. It's easier for an agency to deal with your request when there isn't a  mad rush for talent.

3) You might get a break in price. When it gets down to a week before your party, and you still don't have a good band or DJ in Boston or elsewhere in New England, those acts still available are in a good negotiating position.

4) You have less to worry about. The holidays are stressful enough and who needs the added stress of looking for entertainment when you could be online shopping, or even, dare I say it, at the mall shopping.

5) Number five is selfish. We like people to book early so we have one less client to deal with in the busy first couple of weeks of December.

There are your five reasons, and I hope you'll contact us asap for all your holiday entertainment needs!

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