Vibrato vs none in jazz guitar lines

Published October 21st, 2016 by Devteam

Sitting here practicing my guitar, running some patterns, when I realized that at certain points in my patterns, I'd pause on a note and add vibrato. Jazz artists generally leave vibrato out of lines. I guess the theory is to unadorn the notes with inflections, but rather let the time and harmony make the point.

However, as a former group vocalist, lead vocalist, and back up harmony singer, I naturally want to add vibrato at the end of certain notes. It's like a lilt, or a chuckle, or something analogous to that in everyday speech. 

Surprisingly though, when I am improvising and I sing along with my improv, I DON'T use any vibrato. Somehow the lines I play when I sing along are devoid of that kind of articulation.

And that's my jazz guitar thought for the day!  

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