Chris Culkeen

Exclusively represented by The Music Company, Chris Culkeen is well-known on the North Shore as the area's Number One Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies. Chris is also at the top of the list of many function venues such as The Historic Hawthorne Hotel, Danversport Yacht Club, The Corinthian Yacht Club, The Peabody-Essex Museum, the Peabody Marriott, Castle Hill, Tupper Hall, and many others.

Greg Gervais

If you are looking for a young, hip, energetic professional DJ, and someone who can inspire your guests, look no further. Greg graduated from New England Institute of Art with a bachelor's degree in audio engineering. He comes from a musical family in which his mom and dad were both full time musicians and are still in "the biz".

Joe Mazza

DJ Joe Mazza has been a DJ for the past 14 years, and has been a professional pianist for 25 years. He is a music teacher at Concord Academy and lectures frequently at private prep schools such as Phillips Academy, Tabor Academy, etc. He and his assistants have performed at over 800 venues over the years, with notables such as The Parker House, Park Plaza Hotel, the Four Seasons, The State Room, The Taj Boston, and many others.

Kevin Sullivan

With 20 years experience performing and conducting weddings, anniversaries, corporate functions, barmitzvahs, and holiday parties, Kevin Sullivan is your consummate DJ and host.

Michael O'Neill

Your wedding is a very special day for you, your family and friends. It's the one day that everything should happen the way you want it to. I am the DJ who will assure that the music and master of ceremonies will be perfect. With fifteen years of experience entertaining different types of crowds, I know exactly what to play for a mixed age group who gets together for a celebration. My specialty is playing what the bride and groom prefer, while staying away from "cheesy" wedding songs.

Tommy Sheehan

DJ Tommy Sheehan is one of New England's favorite, all around, professional DJ's when it comes to live entertainment for events of all kinds. DJ Tommy has been entertaining audiences for more than 20 years as DJ, MC and professional musician.

Jason Desimone

Jayson comes from a musical family. His dad was a musician and booking agent. Jayson keeps the legacy alive with a vibrancy and energy that will keep your dance floor packed all day and all night. Jay also entertains as a Sinatra vocalist when requested or required.

He spends the winter months in balmy Miami and the Keys, club DJing and playing for private parties.

But he's back for the long New England wedding and party season.